Authentic Dolce & Gabbana Pasta Box

$ 230


The elegant Autentica box is dedicated to the wonders of Naples and contains a selection of five varieties of Pasta di Gragnano PGI obtained from 100% Italian durum wheat and two cans of Lampadina cherry tomatoes from the Sorrento Peninsula. The package is embellished with the exclusive Dolce&Gabbana apron which, reproposing Pulcinella, Vesuvius and the colorful majolica, pays homage to the Neapolitan tradition and culture: the Beauty and the Good of Made in Italy are once again served in this splendid gift

The box contains:

  • 1 x Spaghetti from Gragnano IGP
  • 1 x Linguine from Gragnano IGP
  • 1 x Paccheri from Gragnano IGP
  • 1 x Elicoidali di Gragnano PGI
  • 1 x Homemade Fusillata from Gragnano IGP
  • 2 x Cans Tomato Lampadina from the Sorrento Peninsula of 400g each
  • 1 x Apron designed and made by Dolce&Gabbana

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